About Us

Siseng Consulting is a Nigerian consultancy firm that uses data analytics to provide solutions to challenges of energy security and energy access in Africa through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Services. We also assist businesses using our data analytics tools and algorithms built using python in harnessing their data generated onsite.

We support individuals, companies and organization to conduct pre-feasibility studies on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (based on ISO 50001) solutions as well as implement renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. We support Government institutions to develop as well as review policies related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We can offer walk through audits to buildings in the residential and commercial buildings; we also do so for factories. We can then give a thorough and comprehensive audits at the request of our clients.

Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years in conducting training and seminars in our key areas of expertise.

Whatever your energy requirements are, we would do the job for you of finding a solution that will meet your needs.

Ricky Macharm, the CEO and co-founder of Siseng Consulting, is among the first set of people to be certified as a Professional Energy Manager in Nigeria by the Institute of Energy Professionals. As a certified Professional Energy Manager, PEM, operating in Nigeria, he is well knowledgeable and experienced in many aspects of Renewable Energy solutions and Energy Management including the ISO50001 frame work.

He has been able to assemble a team of experts from Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia and Austria to help in solving some of the energy issues in the country.